Committees, Presentations, & Publications

  • Presenter to the State Bar of Texas Advanced In-House Counsel course 2018

  • Guest lecturer:  Texas A&M 2018

  • Recurring guest consultant:  Startup Aggieland, Texas A&M 2017–2018

  • Presenter to the State Bar of Texas Advanced In-House Counsel course 2015, 2016

  • Presenter to Northeast Harris County Bar Ass’n 2014

  • Presenter to Brazoria County Bar Ass’n 2013

  • Recurring guest lecturer:  Virginia Commonwealth U. 2007–2008

  • Emerging Technologies Committee, American IP Legal Ass’n, 2007–2008

  • Asserting the Fifth Amendment Privilege Based on the Act of Production, ABA Trial Practice Journal 2007

  • Commenting on Your Adversary’s Failure to Call a Witness to Testify, ABA Trial Practice Journal 2007

  • The Missing Witness Adverse Inference or Presumption (Patent Cases), IP & Technology Law Journal 2007

  • Guest lecturer:  UT Arlington 2005


Quoted In

  • Lone Star Radio interview 2014

  • 2010, 2009

Harry Laxton Jr. | Motorcycle-Injury Attorney in Texas

Harry Laxton Jr.

Texas Motorcycle-Injury Lawyer

I fight for injured riders and their families.


Fighting careless cagers (car drivers) and their insurance companies is not just a job for me, it is a passion. I’ve ridden for years and know how careless cagers can harm a rider. I’ve been injured from being hit multiple times.

Fight back for your rights and remind cagers to stop worrying about whether they’re running late and instead to always keep an eye out for riders!

I’m a former insurance company attorney.  

I’m experienced in handling motorcycle accident injuries claims—both defending them for insurance companies and in fighting for injured riders against insurance companies.

Attorney Harry Laxton Jr. services Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas & surrounding areas including

 Collin County, Rockwall County, Kaufman County, Ellis County, Tarrant County, & Denton County.

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